Research topics/Work packages

The development of a new vaccine is a very challenging and multidisciplinary process, requiring knowledge of various subjects, including synthetic chemistry, conjugation chemistry, immunology and formulation. The combined expertise of the partners involved in this project, which is not available (to the same level) in the individual organisations, offers state-of-the-art knowledge to the ESRs on all topics, required in the conception of a new anti- bacterial vaccine. The strong coherence of the research programme and work packages ensures that all ESRs will receive training in a multidisciplinary and intersectorial manner.

WP1: Upscaled drug synthesis
  • Develop a chromatography-free synthesis of Ru-MTI, upscale to 10g, and analyze production costs
WP2: Screening and optimisation of PACT treatment with Ru-MTI
  • O2.1 Screen antitumor efficacy and toxicity of PACT treatment with Ru-MTI in different genetic variants of UM utilizing UM ZF-PDX models
  • O2.2 Optimize treatment in sub-cutaneous UM M-PDX models
WP3: Validation of PACT treatment with Ru-MTI in orthotopic mice models
  • O3.1 Validate orthotopic murine UM eye tumor and liver metastasis models
  • O3.2 Validate PACT treatment of UM with Ru-MTI in orthotopic mice models
  • O3.3 Study toxicity and eye toxicity of PACT treatment with Ru-MTI in healthy mice and in orthotopic mice tumor models
WP4: Development of the minimal viable product C-light for human use
  • O4.1 Integrate experience from previous commercialization, pre-clinical testing (WP2-WP3), and discussions with KOLs and industrial partners
  • O4.2 define and develop C-light